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Relevant courses - DevOps, Human Computer Interaction, Computer and Network Security, Operating System, Software Engineering, Internet of Things

Semester 1 GPA: 3.889

Operating System Grade: A-

Implemented some kernel level code for XINU operating system which involved  concepts of process management, including process priorities, scheduling, and context switching. It also involved implementing some  system calls and their supporting infrastructure.

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Software Engineering Grade A+

Abstract— Message brokers is an arbitrator which enables communication between applications which use different messaging protocols. Publish/Subscribe pattern is a distributed interaction paradigm which allows the message brokers to have a scalable and reliable system. ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, and Kafka are the three most popular open-source message broker software that are used by thousands of companies for message transfer. Given the popularity of the three, a subtle yet important question arises: Which broker is better, and which one should I use? In this report, we summarize both, the qualitative, and quantitative aspects of the message brokers in terms of performance and bug finding using tools like JMeter, Gatling, FindBugs, and SonarLint. In addition, we also highlight community statistics collected from different sources such as GitHub, Reddit, Stack Overflow, Google Trends, and StackShare.

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Internet of Things Grade A

This project is a design and architectural extension of the project undertaken by one of the authors (Jubeen Shah) in his undergraduate study. The idea of COSMOS, in brief, is to make affordable custom IoT end-points, that can be managed via a single device or custom designed interface. These devices could be any iOS, Android or any smart device which can access the internet in the desired automation environment. Few examples of the managed end-points that will be developed are intrusion sensors, fire sensors, connected RGB LED Lights, Connected Switches & Switchboards, integration of — temperature & humidity sensors, Air Quality Sensor, UV Sensor, Air Pressure Sensor and so on. In a related trend, and keeping the user experience into consideration, other forms of digital interactions including personal digital assistants — like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, are also considered for integration into the project.

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