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Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering

Final year project with title COSMOS: A Ubiquitous Automation Solution.

The idea, in brief, is to make affordable custom IoT end-points, that can be managed via a single device or unified interface. These devices could be any iOS, Android or any other device which can access the wireless network in the vicinity the automation system is installed. Few examples of the managed end-points that will be developed are Smoke Detectors, Smart Lights, Connected Locksintrusion sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, Connected Switches and Switchboards, Smart Locks, Remote sensors with Tx and Rx, Air Quality Sensor and so on.

  • Latest GPA (6th Semester): 3.72, Cumulative GPA: 3.52
  • 3rd in class of 70
  • Industrial Project: A home Automation solution using openHAB to help in the fight against climate change

Research Paper

Title- Understanding and Study of Intrusion Detection Systems for various Networks and Domains

Abstract— Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a hardware instrument or a software routine that is used to analyze a network, a system, or a group of interconnected systems for spiteful commotion or chaos. IDS are primarily used to perceive such malicious activity and raise a flag or report it to the network or systems administrator. The analysis of the network or system under consideration can be done using two broad approaches – Knowledge-Based Intrusion Detection (KBID), where the activity is rivaled against known signatures or specific decoration of the malware; and Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection (ABID) which predominantly uses Machine Learning (ML) practices to craft a model and then match the new comportment to the crafted model. Both KBID and ABID have their own set of advantages and disadvantages which would be discussed in this paper. This paper would also compare the understanding of existing IDS and Intrusion Prevention System for different network and domain and propose a Unified Threat Prevention Engine (UTPE) as a novel idea.

Keywords—Intrusion Detection System; Machine Learning; Network Security; Intrusion Prevention System;

J. Shah, "Understanding and study of intrusion detection systems for various networks and domains," 2017 International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics (ICCCI), Coimbatore, India, 2017, pp. 1-6.
doi: 10.1109/ICCCI.2017.8117726


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